What Does Your Business Look Like on Google?

Many of your potential customers will find your through Google Maps. They may be looking for your location, hours, contact information, or more. But what will they find? When they can’t find what they need, they often go somewhere else.

Does your business look like this one?

Poor Google My Business Example

Now ask yourself, would that cover picture entice potential customers to visit this business?

There’s no website listed so we can get more information.

This business has one of the lower review ratings. This can be addressed by claiming the business and addressing poor reviews.

Instead, your business could look like this one. ——>

Good Google My Business Example

This cover picture shows potential customers the beautiful results to expect.

This business has additional information about inclusion and accommodation that separates it from the competition.

This business has one of the higher review ratings. And since it’s been claimed, the owner can better maintain a high rating.

Notice: Again, we see NO website listed. Even when you think you have a good Google My Business listing, there’s often room for improvement when you get a second set of eyes from people like us.

Benefit Overview

  • Stop losing potential customers
  • Save time answering basic questions over and over
  • Provide multiple ways for people to contact you
  • Showcase new products or services
  • Share new promotions and holiday sales
  • More customers means more sales

Start today and see a difference by tomorrow.

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